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City Cosmopolis Has a New Fire Chief

by John Doe
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After almost three months with an unstaffed volunteer, local group of fire-fighters, the city of Cosmopolis has moved toward revamping.


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Successful Jan. 1, all individuals from the Cosmopolis Volunteer Fire Department surrendered because of beyond reconciliation contrasts with Mayor Kyle Pauley and a few individuals from the Cosmopolis City Council. The city has since selected ​​Mark Tarabochia as Cosmopolis Fire Chief, which was collectively affirmed by the Cosmopolis City Council at the March 16 City Council meeting.

Tarabochia, who bought the property in Cosmopolis with his better half in 2017 and moved following his retirement, has a long history of firefighting administration. He went through over 30 years of firefighting in the Bellingham region, including 14 years as Fire Commissioner with Skagit County Fire District 14 in Alger.

Regardless of his experience, the beginning to his residency won’t be simple, as the city chases after a willing local group of firefighters volunteers.

“The first and most significant thing on my rundown as the new Chief is to attempt to work with our responders that surrendered and get some, or all, of them back ready so we can staff fire and help reaction for our residents,” said Tarabochia in an official statement sent by Pauley on Monday, March 21.

“I understand the work, time, and exertion they put in over the course of the years for our residents and I would rather not see that hidden away from plain view. I’m sure through my connecting with them that they feel the same way.”

Pauley trusts that Tarabochia’s administration will support previous individuals from the worker local group of fire-fighters to return, notwithstanding the way that Pauley will in any case stay in control and recently declined a proposition made by the Cosmopolis Volunteer Fire Association that they would return would it be advisable for him he venture down.

“He (Tarabochia) is presently the main staff individual from the Cosmopolis Volunteer Fire Department, however that ought to change without further ado,” he said. “There have been various previous firemen who have communicated interest in returning, yet they’ve made plainly they aren’t keen on returning assuming I’m the one in charge driving that pursuit.”

As per Pauley, he means to adopt an additional hands-off strategy with the local group of fire-fighters in the future to keep away from the character clashes of the past.

“I need to overcome any barrier, restart, modify, and assemble new. Obviously, I and a portion of the administration didn’t agree. I couldn’t say whether that is my administration style or how they like to get correspondence, yet I’ve attempted to do a little preparation to improve myself with various gatherings,” he said.

Also, an opportunity to revamp is near. Cosmopolis has been covered by the Aberdeen Fire Department since Jan. 1, however, as per Pauley, the cost of that agreement has gone up “radically in cost.”

Per his solicitation and the longing of the city, Tarabochia will start an around half-year trial period as Cosmopolis Fire Chief. Interestingly, the position will incorporate an allowance as the Fire Chief sets out on the extra exertion of remaking the office.

“After the acquiescence we began to do freely available report demands, going through records. There are such countless things that should be refreshed and changed notwithstanding the reconstructing of the office,” said Pauley. “We had discussed a payment, and when the financial plan took into account it, we chose to place it in. That would’ve gone in regardless of who the Fire Chief was.”

Pandemic-instigated monetary imperatives added to fights among Pauley and previous Fire Chief Cody Bridges, who was eliminated by Pauley from his situation in May 2021, and afterward from the local group of fire-fighters by and large in July 2021.

Because of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) subsidizing and a bouncing back economy, Cosmopolis is all the more monetarily sound and ready to loosen up cuts on different offices.

“We’re more steady and ready to bring back various things, including suppers,” said Pauley. “Any cuts we made have been returned, and there’s nothing that is remarkable or trusting that the spending plan will return.”

That being said, Pauley actually expects a decent measure of start-up expenses should the division return to satisfactory staffing levels.

“Reconstructing an office will take a few expenses, we’ll need to get some new stuff on the off chance that we get new workers in. The remainder of the city should hold off on their issues while we do this, however, the wellbeing of the city and its occupants starts things out,” he said.

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