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Car Shipping To Mali, West Africa

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Due to the limited availability of public transit options around the nation, owning one’s own car is a wise investment. Railways and a large number of tiny, unpaved airports serve as the primary modes of public transportation in Mali. It’s no secret that Mali’s roads could need some work, even by regional standards.

Travelling across the nation is already challenging, but having a personal automobile will make it much more convenient when travelling inside the same city. Personal transportation will be useful whether one is travelling for employment, education, or to establish permanent residence in another country.


The nation of Mali, which is located in West Africa, makes it tough to have an automobile imported there. Nevertheless, it is not impossible, and expert transporters are available to assist you with your move. Transporting your vehicle to Mali should be prepared many months in advance.


Make certain that you have obtained shipping services from a reputable transporter that is experienced in international shipping.

Methods to ship a car to Mali, West Africa

Choosing the best method of transporting your automobile to Mali is important since you have a lot of alternatives for how you want the vehicle transported to your destination in the country. During your consultation, your representative will go over the specifics of each kind of shipping and will assist you in selecting which type is the best match for your requirements and circumstances. The following are the several ways for shipping a car to Mali from another country internationally.

Air Freight – Shipping your automobile to Mali by air cargo is the most efficient way of transportation accessible. The cost of air cargo shipping is more than the cost of shipping a vehicle by land, but it is the fastest and most secure method of transporting a high-end automotive. In the case of people who own a luxury automobile, air freight is the most effective and safest method of transporting their automobile.

Container Shipping – Your car will be transported inside a container, which will then be loaded onto a carrier ship for further transit. When moving their personal belongings as well as their automobiles, container shipping is an excellent choice for individuals who do not want to use a vehicle since it is less costly than doing it by truck. The option of sharing a container with another person or utilising a container exclusively for their own car and/or personal goods is often chosen by individuals, depending on their circumstances.

Shipment using RORO (Roll-On, Roll-Off). The utilization of a carrier ship for international shipping is the most cost-effective and time-efficient method of shipping. After driving right onto the carrier ship and securing the vehicle in place, your vehicle will be driven off when the carrier ship docks at the target port, according to the itinerary. The RoRo method is most often used for shipping cars to West Africa from the USA.

Before you ship your car to Mali

Preparing the car shouldn’t take up a lot of your time and interfere with your daily activities. The requests are very easy to do. They don’t take very long to do. You will be held accountable for this phase of the shipment procedure by the transport firm.


  • Clean both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, making sure that it is completely clear of dirt and debris before driving.
  • Get rid of everything that wasn’t part of the vehicle’s design. Unless you are transporting your products using container shipping methods, you cannot leave behind devices such as DVD players, GPS systems, and other such items.
  • Perform a thorough fluid check on the vehicle. It should be noted that the only fluid that should not be completely filled is the gasoline tank. It should be 1/4 full or less.
  • Check the pressure in the tyres.
  • Make a list of any information concerning the vehicle that you believe the transportation company should be aware of. Additionally, make note of and photograph any defects or scratches that may be present on the car.
    As you go through the process of preparing for the shipment, take advantage of the assistance provided by the transporter at various points. If you want to export anything to Mali, it is strongly recommended that you get in touch with the Mali Embassy beforehand. They will provide you with information on the import policies that are in effect at the time of your visit. Import rules change often, therefore it is important to stay up to date.

    Import Duties and Tariffs.

    The cost of professional auto shipping services is quite low; nevertheless, the import duties levied by the nation where the vehicle is delivered may significantly increase the cost of shipping. Some nations are less demanding on the traveller’s wallet than others. Unless you are a diplomat in Mali, you should expect to pay at least 40% of the vehicle’s worth in customs charges. You should contact the embassy of Mali to find out what the exact fees will be at the time of your vehicle’s transportation.

    Documents required for shipping a car to Mali, West Africa

    For the shipping, you need to have the original Bill of Lading with you. This is necessary in order to display the engine cc’s, the manufacturer, the engine and chassis numbers, the model and the year the vehicle was manufactured. A Non-Sale Certificate, a copy of your driver’s licence, and confirmation of foreign insurance coverage are also required in addition to these documents.

    It is also necessary to give the title and registration of the car, which were granted by the country of origin. A purchase receipt or invoice (which indicates the vehicle’s worth) is also required as part of the paperwork process. You may use a Certificate of Value instead of the original purchase invoice if you don’t have the original purchase invoice.

    Because inbound shipments are subject to a variety of extra documentation requirements, import laws, and, in some cases, taxes, you should never continue with your relocation without first contacting customs officials. It is also advisable to work with a reputable and experienced international shipping company, as they can guide you through the procedure with ease.

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