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Avelo Airlines: What to Know Before Booking

by David Mack
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Avelo Airlines

Avelo Airlines is the first new mainline airline in the USA a while in 15 years, as per its official statement. It is one of two airlines to make a big appearance in Spring 2021. Airline business visionary David Neeleman also sent off Breeze Airways in May, only a month after Avelo Airlines reported its plans. Avelo Airlines guarantees customers “refreshingly smooth travel,” with base tolls beginning at just $19. The airline is following the ultra-minimal expense transporter (ULCC) model, so stuff and seat choice expenses are extra.

I had previously reserved a preliminary trip on Breeze Airways, so I chose to try the two airlines. I as of late reserved a departure from Avelo’s base at Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) to Tri-Cities Airport (PSC), which serves the urban communities of Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick in Washington state. Here, I’ll let you know what’s in store while booking with Avelo Airlines.

Avelo Is Not Quite a New Airline

Avelo Airlines isn’t altogether new. In 1987, Casino Express Airlines was laid out to shuttle players to Elko, Nevada. I saw paper promotions for their departures from Seattle. You’d pay something like $49/full circle, yet travelers were expected to show that they had a base measure of money with them. Once in Nevada, travelers were moved to the Red Lion Hotel and Casino. Nobody was expected to bet, yet there was very little else to do in a small community like Elko.

As the airline kept on spreading out into other charter businesses, it gave itself another name: Xtra Airways. In 2018, Allegiant Airlines prime supporter Andrew Levy found employment elsewhere at United Airlines and purchased Xtra Airways. He wanted to change the contracting airline into a booked ultra-minimal expense aircraft. It’s not another airline, since it uses a similar air administrator’s testament as Xtra (and Casino Express before that). Be that as it may, in every practical sense, Avelo is another airline.

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A Base at Hollywood Burbank Airport, More to Come

The new airlines are concentrating on more modest air terminals and sporting objections for its underlying courses. Avelo right now works on three Boeing 737-800 airplanes, traveling to eleven constant objections from its base at Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR). There’s a great deal to cherish about BUR. It’s significantly more modest than LAX, for one’s purposes, and that implies more limited security lines and less walking to get to the gate. Bramble is additionally halfway found, near Downtown LA and Hollywood. For an airline that guarantees refreshingly smooth travel, Hollywood Burbank possesses all the necessary qualities on convinces Greater Los Angeles airports. Besides, it is the main airport with direct admittance to Downtown LA on Metrolink trains.

From BUR, Avelo flies to these objections:

  • St Nick Rosa, California (STS)
  • Phoenix/Mesa, Arizona (AZA)
  • Pasco/Tri-Cities, Washington (PSC)
  • Eugene, Oregon (EUG)
  • Arcata/Eureka, California (ACV)
  • Bozeman, Montana (BCN)
  • Terrific Junction, Colorado (GJT)
  • Medford/Rogue Valley, Oregon (MFR)
  • Ogden, Utah (ODG)
  • Redding, California (RDD)
  • Redmond/Bend, Oregon (RDM)

A Second Base at Tweed New Haven Airport

This fall, Avelo plans to open an East Coast base at Connecticut’s Tweed New Haven Airport (HVN). The airline is securing three Boeing 737-700 airplanes to serve this base, however, objections presently can’t seem to be reported. Meanwhile, the underutilized airport late reported a $100 million extension, which will include another terminal and longer runway. Without the more extended runway, HVN would not be able to effectively grow. However, with it, the air port’s area checks out for an ultra-minimal expense transporter-like Avelo. The airport is found only 80 miles from Midtown Manhattan. It ought to attract its portion of New Yorkers with a blend of low charges and fewer air terminal problems.

Before the year’s over, Avelo Airlines intends to be working in and around America’s two biggest populace habitats. The airline will fly from optional airports, however, with its accentuation on relaxation and family travel, I question this will be an issue. There are a large number of likely clients within simple striking distance of these two principal airports in Burbank and New Haven.

Booking with Avelo Airlines

If you like more modest airports with fewer problems, there is no question that Avelo Airlines satisfies its “refreshingly smooth” trademark. However, to be honest, I viewed the Avelo Airlines booking process as more muddled than needed. It’s sufficiently simple to book a flight, yet changes and scratch-offs are another story by and large.


Calling Customer Service to Use Travel Funds, Cancel Flights

Travelers should call client support to drop off a flight or to use travel funds. You read that right. We are into the 21st 100 years, but, clients can’t drop flights or spend travel funds online. They need to settle on a telephone decision. I can’t see any convincing justification for this, and it is strongly not client-centered.

I had wanted to handle my baggage through to my last objective, understandably; cost. Avelo charges only $10 for your most check beg. however, they charge $35 for your check beg. — a $25 distinction. I at first reserved my flights and paid $10 for a real look at the sack toward every path. Afterward, I understood that I expected to save time on my return trip and selected to go with a lightweight suitcase. There is just a single method for rolling out such an improvement at aveloair.com. In the first place, you drop the look at the sack, and afterward, you buy the lightweight suitcase.

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Not exactly.

At the point when I dropped the check beg, the $10 charge was discounted as a movement credit. Keep in mind, that travelers need to call the airline to use travel reserves. So to apply the $10 to my carry-on suitcase, I needed to call somebody. Following 14 minutes on hold, I at long last associated with a client care rep. He was exceptionally great, and extremely understanding. Furthermore, after an additional five minutes, he’d rolled out the improvement. Yet, it’s a chance I might have destroyed myself in one moment if by some stroke of good luck Avelo Airlines had permitted me to apply for travel reserves online. A specific number of clients won’t waste time with the issue, and perhaps that is the point.

On the bright side, it appears to be already super simple to update a seat without first dropping.

And, They Don’t Take American Express

If you’re booking trips on Avelo Airlines, bring your Visa card. Since when you fly refreshingly smooth Avelo Airlines, you’ll get great low passages. But, you can’t get them with… American Express.

I’m making up my own 90s Visa business, yet one applies with Avelo Airlines. The ultra-minimal expense transporter is the main homegrown carrier I’ve found that doesn’t take American Express. You can utilize a Visa or Mastercard, end of the story. A gathering post at airliners.net seems to affirm this. I didn’t attempt myself, however, the carrier records just Visa and Mastercard as installment choices. No Discover. No AMEX.

Avelo Airline’s absence of charge card choices makes one more obstruction to booking and flying with them. I emphatically suggest you have many charge cards from various organizations for this very reason. It’s anything but a tremendous issue for most, however, it tends to be a bother.

No Fee Changes and Cancellations

However, there is a lot of good news. Avelo Airlines doesn’t charge an expense for making flight changes or scratch-offs. Nor does as far as possible the number of changes their clients can make. Travelers can drop their trip as long as 15 minutes before its booked takeoff. Simply recollect, you need to put a call to drop, so take into consideration the time to be waiting. If you’re after all other options have been tired, you could presumably roll out an improvement to your flight online and afterward call later. If your change brings about a lower value, the distinction will be offered back as travel funds. Those supports should be used in 12 months or less.

Additional Fees

As we referenced at the beginning, Avelo Airlines works as an ultra-minimal expense transporter (ULCC). Avelo CEO Andrew Levy is the prime supporter of ULCC Allegiant Air, and he is enjoying the model. The base passage remembers a seat for the plane and little else.

This is the rundown of additional products, which are available for procurement:

  • First Checked Bag: $10
  • Second Checked Bag: $20
  • Portable Suitcase: $35
  • Need Boarding: $10
  • Pet in the Cabin: $95
  • Seat Selection: Starting at $4 for a standard center seat, and $5 for a standard path/seat by the window.

The standard seat pitch on Avelo’s 737-800 airplanes is 29 inches. What’s more, get this, most seats lean back. That is a piece uncommon for ultra-minimal expense airlines. Whether you accept this is something to be good for — well, that is a discussion for one more day. There are a lot of seats with 2-9 extra inches of legroom for an extra expense. Seats with extra legroom start at $18 every way. I look at my trips among Burbank and Pasco, and the costliest seat was in the first column, available for $36.Passengers can set aside the cash and decide not to choose a seat. Those passengers will be given their seat task at registration, at no extra expense.

Last Thoughts

Avelo Airlines is a welcome expansion to the U.S. airlines scene, however, its booking issues should be gotten to the next level. There is only no great explanation to settle on the client’s decision if the carrier drops a flight or uses travel funds. I’m certain the airline has crunched the numbers and accepts it will see more income along these lines. However, in my experience, keeping things “refreshingly direct” (as it’s been said) will help with building a steadfast client base.


Where is Hollywood Burbank Airport found?

Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) is situated in Burbank, California, roughly 12 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles. The Burs is the nearest L.A.- region airport to most of L. A’s. most famous vacationer locations, as well as attractions in adjacent Glendale and Pasadena.

What number of terminals in all actuality does BUR have and where are your gates found?

Burs have two terminals, An and B, from which all business airlines work. The two terminals have a consolidated number of 14 doors, with nine gates in Terminal an and five gates in Terminal B. Every terminal has its security screening designated spot.

What passenger services and conveniences does BUR offer?

Bramble offers different on-location services and conveniences for passengers, including free administration for passengers with disabilities. For a total rundown of services and conveniences, if it’s not too much trouble, visit the Passenger Services segment of our website.


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