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Apple Is Offering Apple TV Gift Cards to More Countries After Online Store Shutdown

by David Mack
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With the acquisition of an Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD, clients can now likewise buy a present card from Apple, which has recently been accessible just in the U.S., as per a report by MacRumors.


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The underlying advancement, which offered clients a $50 present card with the acquisition of an Apple TV, went live for US clients last month.

Following the conclusion of the Apple Store in various countries, Apple has expanded the deal’s accessibility in extra nations, like Germany, the UK, Italy, France, and some more.

It is important that the advancement will just run until August 15 for each accessible country, like the US.

Online Apple Store’s Shutdown
Apple shut down the web-based Apple Store from July 31 until Aug. 1 in countless domains. The main change that should be visible now that the Store is functional again is the augmentation and extension of the already US-elite Apple TV 4K gift voucher advancement.

An Apple Gift Card worth what might be compared to $50 will be offered with each acquisition of up to two Apple TV 4K units in the UK, Australia, and different countries.

The Apple TV 4K advancement was formerly running in the US Apple Store, yet that area’s web-based store was closed down that very night. This is because of the US proposition’s new Aug. 15 termination date, which was initially set for July 14.

As per Cult of Mac, clients will get a £40 ($48) gift voucher in the UK alongside their request. The business is packaging a €50 ($61) gift voucher in European countries like Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and different nations.

The 4K Apple TV costs $179 rather than the $149 for the HD model, which makes it more exorbitant than its adversaries. With Apple’s advancement, the streaming box is somewhat less costly, however, this might be active assuming that you intend to buy additional labor and products from the business later on.

The card can be utilized to purchase any items from Apple, for example, membership administrations, Macs, iPhones, and App Store buys.

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