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Amir Locke Police Shooting Explainer

by Erica Farmer
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Amir Locke

Hundreds of people protest in the streets of downtown Minneapolis on Saturday, demanding justice for Amir Locke. This comes after the Minneapolis Police Department aired bodycam footage showing an officer fatally shooting Locke during a no-knock warrant earlier this week.

The protesters numbering more than 1,000  gathered around 3 p.m. outside the Hennepin County Government Center. They also called for the Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and officer Mark Hanneman to resign.


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Hanneman, who was identified in public records as the officer who shot Locke,  joined the department in 2015.

In a statement on Saturday,  the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis said ‘No officer goes into a dangerous setting like this wanting to use a weapon.

‘That decision was not taken lightly, and the impact of the use of deadly force will affect these officers, their families, and the family of Mr. Locke for the rest of their lives.’

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said the police’s practices necessitated the immediate termination of Hanneman.

‘A life was taken, which demands transparency, but perhaps more importantly, accountability,’ the association expressed Saturday.

As the protest was ongoing,  the National Guard was called up in the state of Minnesota to help the Twin cities in case the situation escalated to civil unrest as a result of the death of Locke and the federal trial of three officers involved in George Floyd’s death going on in St Paul.

22-year-old Locke was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer while a no-knock search warrant was carried out by cops.

A video posted on Twitter showed Locke’s father, Andre, speaking to a crowd Saturday, ‘This is not easy, to have to bury your son.’

He told the crowd that Locke’s mother was ‘so overwhelmed with grief, disbelief, sorrow, everything that you could imagine that a mother feels when she loses her baby.’

Protesters chanting with their placards also demanded Hanneman, the officer who shot Amir Locke, to be brought to book.

Ahead of a verdict against three former officers who allegedly violated George Floyd’s civil rights, the city of St Paul requested help in case of any crisis.

This Monday will mark the third week of the federal trial of the former MPD officers J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane, and Tou Thao in St. Paul.

The three are facing federal civil rights charges as a result of their involvement in Floyd’s 2020 death.

In recent years, several black men have died in confrontations with the Minneapolis police including Floyd whose death at the hands of the officers sparked global protests and calls to remodel the department.

The mayor of Minneapolis on Thursday released bodycam footage that showed the police shooting and killing Locke while curled up on his couch.

In the clip which lasts for 54 seconds, a SWAT officer is seen using a key to enter the apartment. He is followed by at least four others in uniform and protective vests. The time shown was 6:48 am.

As they move in, they continuously shout, ‘Police, search warrant!’ They also shout ‘Hands!’ and ‘Get on the ground!’ In the video, an officer is seen kicking a sectional sofa.  Locke starts to get up from under a blanket, possessing a pistol.

Three shots are heard, and the video ends.

The city also added a still from the video that showed Locke holding the gun, his trigger finger laid aside the barrel. The top of Locke’s head is hardly visible.

The footage was eventually made public after more than 36 hours of questions not being answered and calls for transparency over the shooting.

The Minneapolis Police Department issued in a statement Wednesday that Locke pointed a loaded gun ‘in the direction of officers.’

An incident report said Locke shot in the chest and in the right wrist.

Locke’s parents said Friday that their son was ‘executed’ by a Minneapolis SWAT team that disrupted his sleep and that in that blur he reached for a legal firearm to protect himself.

Locke’s parents, Andre Amir Locke and Karen Wells said their son was respectful, to police as well. They said some of their relatives serve in law enforcement.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump has expressed that Locke’s family was ‘just flabbergasted at the fact that Amir was killed in this way. He expressed his disgust at how the Wednesday morning raid was carried out.

Locke’s family said he was law-abiding and has no criminal record, and he had a permit to carry a gun.

‘They didn’t even give him a chance,’ Crump said, adding that it was disturbing that Minneapolis police had not learned from the death of Breonna Taylor, who was fatally shot in a raid that went wrong at her home in Louisville, Kentucky in 2020, which led to calls to end no-knock warrants nationwide.

After the video was released, Interim Chief Amelia Huffman acknowledged in a news conference that Locke isn’t named in the warrants. According to her, it is not clear how or whether Locke is connected to the homicide investigation, which she said is under the control of the St. Paul Police Department.

She explained that the city was using both knock and no-knock warrants.

According to Mayor Jacob Frey, the video ‘raises about as many questions as it does answers, saying the city was deeply into getting answers ‘as quickly as possible and in transparent fashion’ through investigations, which include one by the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

The officer who shot Amir Locke has been named Mark Hanneman, who was employed by the department in 2015.

After Wednesday’s incident, Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey imposed an immediate moratorium on the request and execution of no-knock warrants in the city.

‘This moratorium makes an exception for instances where there is ‘an imminent threat of harm to an individual or the public,’ Frey’s office stated Friday.

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