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Adamari Lopez

Adamari Lopez has taken to social media to confirm that she had contracted Covid-19. This news drew great concern from people around the world for the ‘Hoy Dia’ TV host.

Lopez, a cancer survivor did her best to take care of herself under this condition. However, she and her medical team decided it was important for her to be hospitalized so as to receive a special treatment that would her overcome the virus.

In a video she shared on social media, Lopez explained how it unfolded.

“Taking the necessary precautionary measures and talking to my doctor’s and medical team, we decided to get hospitalized and treatment because of my symptoms,” Adamari explained in a video.

“Remember that about three years ago, I had influenza and I was in feeble health, in a challenging state and with the concern that the same thing could happen to me again, having symptoms that could be similar, we made the decision to go to the hospital,’ she further explained in the video that showed her in her house.

The Camila actress assured her fans that she is now back home and was recovering. She revealed she thought it was a bad cold when the symptoms started at first.

“My chest is not tight…all the congestion I had has been diminishing…I already came home, I am still positive for Covid-19 but I feel much better. The treatment worked very well for me,” she explained further.

At the time of the video, Lopez assured fans that her daughter, Alaia was not positive for the virus as two of her tests came back negative. However, she later updated the report and said her six-year-old Alaia had gotten infected with the virus probably from her.

The soap opera star later said in another update video. “Alaia is fine. She, I understand was the one who gave me Covid-19. We believe she may have caught it at one of her school or extra-curricular activities because she was the first one who prevented symptoms,” she recalled. “The day after she felt bad, we tested her and she came back positive. The others we did after came back negative and then I came out positive,” she added.

Adamari Lopez is the ‘Hoy Dia’ and one of the most famous faces in Hispanic TV. She has a long career in soap opera, making her one of the well-known actresses in Latin America. Since her debut as a presenter in Telemundo’s show ‘Un Nuevo Dia’ in 2008, the Puerto Rican has been soaring in the entertainer industry, getting the affection of millions of viewers across the globe.

Lopez started as a child actress at the age of six in the telenovela ‘Cristina Baza’ on Telemundo channel 2 in Puerto Rico. She featured alongside famous actress Johanna Rosalie and Venezuelan singer, Jose Luis Rodriguez. As she grew, she had more roles in the industry participating in theater plays in her country before proceeding to Mexico where she became successful and famous for her roles in Camila and Amigas Y Rivales. The soap opera gather a huge audience, breaking past records and made her one of the most famous and favorite actresses from Latin America.

However, in 2005, Lopez was diagnosed with breast cancer forcing her to withdraw from the entertainment world. It was a severe challenge in her life that kept her fans worried and concerned. Luckily, she survived cancer, recovered, and made a successful comeback to screen in 2006.

Lopez is not only a TV personality, she’s also a writer who has authored two bestsellers: ‘Viviendo’ (2012) and ‘Amandi’ (2015). They were both published in English and Spanish. She is most featured on covers in the famous People en Espanol magazine where she was named ‘Person of the Year’, ‘Poderosas’ and ‘Bellow’. Lopez is also well known for her philanthropic gestures over the years, getting involved with philanthropic organizations such as ‘Save Lids to Save Lives’ which deals with the search for the cure for cancer.

She was among the judges in the 2021 Miss Universe and currently is a judge on the reality show ‘Asi se Balla’ on Telemundo.

Lopez married fellow Puerto Rican, Singer superstar Luis Fonsi in 2006. They got married in Puerto Rico on June 3, 2006. However, on November 8, 2009, Lopez and Fonsi in a joint statement announced they had decided to go their separate ways. Their divorce was formalized on November 8, 2010. She later met Toni Costa during a dance competition in 2013 and later on September 20, 2014, Lopez announced that she was expecting her first child with Costa who had become her fiance. She gave birth to a girl, Alaia on March 4, 2015. On May 27, 2021, it was made public that Costa and Lopez had separated after 10 years together.

We are wishing Lopez and her daughter a full recovery from Covid-19.

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