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A Drug Empire Flourishes on Syria’s Ruins

by Erica Farmer
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After years of fighting Assad, the Syrian government is now stepping up its efforts to put the war to a stop.

While the battle for the Syrian territory is still on, the government is working to control the city of Hama for the next year, to the point that the whole city is now a military zone and an army base.

There are many new weapons out there, and the government is trying to prevent a potential conflict with the opposition to the regime.




At the same time, the world is watching the Syrian war unfold, the Syrian government is creating another massive drug empire. It’s like a giant underground empire, and it’s all centered in Hama.

They’re making deals with major drug dealers in the city and supplying them with everything from weapons to heroin. This is an attempt to ensure that the rest of Syria doesn’t start a rebellion against the government.


It’s not clear what exactly they are trying to stop, but I’m sure this is a legitimate effort. It is part of a broader effort to make Syria more secure and less prone to revolt, and the story of the drug lords and the government’s attempt to stop them isn’t that far from the truth.

It is just that the story doesn’t end with the rebels taking over the regime but rather the government taking over the rebels. We would never have imagined that the government would be in a position to take control of a large chunk of the country, but an interesting twist.

The government’s attempt to prevent the government from re-exporting the drugs they’ve been carrying into Syria was met with widespread opposition. As such, it might be better to just use a lot of this new hope after the fall of Damascus.


While this may not happen in the foreseeable future, there’s a strong possibility that Syria will become a major, if less than pristine, drug exporter. If this happens, and we are given access into the country, the government will have a major problem on its hands. And it’s not just a major problem for the government. This has some potential to be a very nasty problem for the people of Syria.


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Before anyone gets their hopes up, this is not a new problem. The United States and Britain have been dealing with a large drug-related problem in Syria since the late 1990s. It started in the late 1990s as a problem of drugs coming into the country. Then in 2004, we saw the beginning of a major wave of drug-related bloodshed as the government stepped up efforts to combat the drug trade.


The Syrian government began to have an interest in war-related problems in the mid-1990s. They launched a massive campaign to overthrow Bashar Assad, and he was soon involved in a major armed conflict that he was trying to bring to an end.

He was also the one who got me to the United Nations in 1996, and he was there for the first time to bring an end to the war.


Syria’s Ruins


The last time I was in Syria, I was there for a few days with my family. We visited a few sites of interest including the bombed-out, partially-destroyed city of Aleppo, the rubble of the former airport, and the bombed-out, partially-destroyed city of Homs. While we did not go to the sites that were destroyed, they were all pretty much as stunning as could be.

Many of the sites we visited are in my neighborhood, and they’re all pretty much as breathtaking as can be. I’m not even sure that I could afford one of those sites, but I do feel like some of my friends are having a hard time figuring out how they can get away with it.


Even with the destruction, Syria still has a very beautiful and interesting past. Aleppo’s ruins are some of the most beautiful architectural structures I’ve ever seen. I have been to some other ruined cities in the world, but Aleppo is quite possibly the best in terms of its architectural beauty. I’m not sure of the specific reasons (areas) that made Aleppo particular, but it looks like a city that was quite different from the rest of Syria.

The reason that Aleppo has such a special place in the Syrian imagination is that it is a complex city.

The reason that Beirut, Damascus, and so many other cities are not as complex as Aleppo is because they were built by a different sort of society. They have been run by a different sort of government, and so they were far more controlled than Aleppo.

Aleppo however, is a combination of everything you would expect a city of this type to be. It’s an old city.


Syrian drug trade survives the war


Syria is the ultimate source of Syrian drugs and can be found in all of the main cities of the Middle East. But when it comes to drugs and trafficking, we’re often faced with the idea of what is the worst of the worst of the worst, how to get the best of those bad guys, and where to find the best source of drugs and drugs trafficking.

The Syrian War is one of the most intense conflicts in the Middle East today. I know it can be intimidating to think we’re not only fighting terrorists along the way, but we’re also fighting the most violent rebels in the region.

It may seem like we’re just fighting the ones who are most evil or the most violent, but the truth is we’re fighting both sides. The problem is for me and my team at Drug Warfare, we are primarily trying to prevent the most dangerous drug dealers from getting their hands on the most dangerous and toxic drugs.


Syria’s Catastrophe


I recently got to visit Syria and the situation there is truly horrifying. The people there are facing a lot of hardships, but it is their lack of knowledge that is making them ill. The situation in Syria is one of the most challenging in the world because nearly all of the countries that are directly affected are completely unaware of the dangers that are lurking around every corner.


It’s not like we’re trying to warn people who live there that the situation is bad. We want to give people a good overview of what’s going on, so we’re hoping that people will be able to help the people who are directly affected by the crisis.

People will be able to get in touch with those people to help them out, so we’re hoping that people will be able to help out their loved ones. Many people are directly affected by the Syrian conflict.

The most vulnerable people are the ones who live inside Syria, the ones who are not inside Syria, and the ones who are inside Syria. The more vulnerable people we can reach out to, the more help we can give, and the more help we can get.


It’s a bit of a complicated situation. When the conflict erupted, the people who were inside Syria were the ones who were getting hit. The people who were inside Syria were the ones who were being hit.

The more vulnerable people we can reach out to, the more help we can give, and the more help we can get.

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