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Different Mental Behaviors Of The Humans In Daily Life

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Physical experience


Experience is a thought of the human that can be related to its past memories or activities. It is an awareness from the part of the previous time that a person did in his life and it can be stored in his mind as an experience. It is a subject of psychology based on activities, views, and memories.

This state totally depends on the old activities that are done by ourselves. They may be good or bad. In other words, it is a state of mental behavior that can be built by our observations.

Types of Experience

There are several types of experience depending on our practical life. Some of them are here;

●   Physical Experience

Physical experience is a type of experience that depends on the activities interests with the changing environment. Physical experience can be observed more easily than others.

●   Mental Experience

Mental experience is a type that is more composite than a physical experience. This type of experience depends on our intelligence, emotions, thoughts, imaginations, and memories. It can be good or bad. Some bad experiences are negative or stressful thoughts that are harmful to mental health.

●   Emotional Experience

Emotional experience is a type that depends on feelings, emotions, and sentiments of the mind of the human body. These emotional behaviors are anger, repellence, fear, happiness, sadness, and loving. These emotions are controlled by one of the large and old parts of the brain.

●   Religious Experience

It is the type of experience in which a person believes and has religious feelings. These feelings depend on the angelic or an unseen power. These feelings are usually found in faith followers. It is a feeling of peace and calm. In other words, these are the feelings of love because a person loves his divine in this experience.

●   Social Experience

Social experience deals with the behavior of a person depending on the observations in society. It is a state of your thoughts that can be observed by an individual that makes his memory from social behaviors. These memories consist of social relationships, functionality, colonization, context, and commerce.


It is a state of mental behavior that deals with the negative thoughts about the future and thinking double-minded in your thoughts. It is a mental disturbance as it is anxiety in which the mind continues to think about the past or future.

This feeling is like anxiety in which a person can think about a specific thing. This thing may be from the past or maybe about the future.

This mental state can be occurred by the odds of daily life, which are from the past or about the future. Worry can be focused on one thing or maybe more. It can depend on reality.

It is one of the temporary mental disorders. In other words, it is a threat that is more likely to be the lack in which a person becomes more frustrated when he is dealing with their problems.


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How to stop worrying?

It is very tough to decrease your eeriness at a time. Sometimes, it becomes so hard that it may cause anxiety and depression. Your negative or anxious thoughts become out of control at that time. There are some tips below to decrease your worry;

●        Creating a worry period daily is one of the ways to stop your worry. In this way, choose a specific time or place to worry. In this period, you will make your mind worried.

  • Writing about your worries is an effective way to stop your feelings. In this way, these feelings lose their power and you can feel at ease.
  • These feelings can be reduced by challenging your negative thoughts.
  • Interrupting the worry cycle is one of the ways to decrease your worry.


Therapy is a medical treatment that can be performed on different health problems of humans. Is it a way used for the treatment of mental health problems in humans? Therapists help the patient to find the exact weak point of the mental disorder and help to decrease it.

They help to control your negative thoughts which are harmful to your mental health and give you a way to stop them.

Types of Therapy

There are many types of therapy. Some of them are here;

●   Cognitive-Behavior

It is a type of therapy that helps people to identify the changes in nature and negative thoughts in the mind. It is a psychotherapeutic treatment of the human mind.

●   Behavioral

This type of therapy deals with the mental disorders that cause negative thoughts. It is a mental treatment that helps an individual control the thoughts that come from their past and cause mental stress.

●   Humanistic

In this type of mental treatment, individuals believe that they are better in their choices and avoid underestimating themselves. It helps the individual to identify the world views and make him able to accept that.

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