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6 Software Development Trends For 2022

by David Mack
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Software Development

The overall global spending on Software Development went down by at least 5.4%, largely due to the chronic pandemic that hit the world from 2019-2021. Last year the IT industry began to sprout again with a significant shot spending up to USD 3.8 trillion.

In 2022, the competition in the IT industry will be even stiffer. Software development has been tapped to help the business sector and society with the most complex tasks by building apps with zero IT experience to monitor patients in hospitals and track social distancing in workplaces.


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The pandemic has resulted in new ideas and concepts, and software development is one of the primary beneficiaries.

1 – Financial Software Development

In 2022 we have already witnessed many mobile banking development trends that will make life easy in the coming years. The evolution of cloud computing, adoption of agile methods, and development of big data in finance will continue creating business opportunities and challenges bound to impact software development.

The financial software industry has been developing over time, as shown by a move to digital systems.

In 2022, digital systems and FinTech are now playing a significant role in finance. E-currency is making transactions to be made faster and more secure. They also reduce costs in financial operations.

Most businesses are investing more in e-currency and implementing FinTech solutions to transact with digital money.

2 – Cloud computing 

Cloud computing is another trend you should watch out for in 2022. Today, most employers prefer employing remote workers, with lessons learned from the pandemic that working from home is possible and cost-effective for businesses.

The pandemic promoted the adoption and acceleration of remote working and cloud computing. Most businesses expanded their remote work capabilities, resulting in a considerable shift in IT. Cloud computing became a perfect tool companies would use to continue their operations and shift to the new normal.

3 – Predictive analysis 

Predictive analysis is also becoming a trend you should watch out for in 2022. This method is used by most digital agencies, SaaS companies, and professional marketers to predict future events.

The predictions are made by using statistics, data mining, machine learning, modeling, and AI. Predictive analysis is becoming a significant and integral part of software development.

Businesses and software developers can use predictive analysis to determine the features they can add to their products. Businesses use this concept to identify possible buyers for a new product they may be launching and predict the performance in the market.

Predictive analysis can also help business managers in decision-making and meeting clients’ needs.

4 – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI and ML should come on your list when discussing software development trends in 2022. In 2022 and in years to come, outsourcing of software development projects will only be decided with ML and AI-driven approaches.

The AI approach will involve software designed to comprehend data and forecast without being programmed. Machine Learning (ML) is a worthy trend toward AI. ML is a strong tool for automated decision-making and predictive analytics.

Most software products will require advanced technology to increase their efficiency and become more effective in 2022.

5 – The rise of Python

Python is a more complex programming language used to create more complex web and app development applications to meet the needs of modern customers and businesses. The language is known to address modern software needs and provide an ultimate solution to mobile and web development for all enterprise projects.

Software developers can now use python language to conduct even the most complex mathematical processes, conduct huge data analysis, prototyping, scripting, and employ machine learning. What makes Python trend in 2022 is the fact that it is easy to learn and has a larger user base than it has gathered over the years.

6 – DevOps 

DevOps is a modern software development approach used to create custom software. The concept combines software development with IT to streamline operations and improve work efficiency. It also combines agile elements common in most software development trends today.

Most software developers and companies will adopt agile and DevOps methodology by considering user experience and employees.

In 2022, observability tools are necessary for DevOps teams in SMBs and large enterprises. This is evident given the increasing adoption of cloud-native app development and the increasing adoption of micro-services.

Final Thoughts 

There are many software development trends that we should look out for in the coming years. The approach to hybrid work, increasing demand for outsourcing, Progressive Web Applications (PWA), ML, AI, and Deep Learning are most likely to reshape software development now and in the future.

Most of the trends we have discussed here will go through in 2022.  As time changes, society and businesses need to adopt the latest trends in software development to seal all the loopholes and vulnerabilities in existing systems.

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