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5 Things You Can Do To Manage Your Business Finances

by William Bill
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Businesses can be extremely challenging to manage, and finances are a whole other ball game. They are easy to confuse with personal finances, and it is even easier to apply for the wrong tax category or take out an insurance policy that is less appropriate. 


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Even the more experienced business owners can find it difficult to stay on top of their finances, which is why it’s worth looking into the different ways of managing your business and the necessary finances. This guide has five ways that this can be done, which will make your life easier in the long run as a business owner. 

For those who are facing difficulties to make ends meet when they are managing their finances, it could be worth looking into personal loans to see what type of services are available to you, such as cash advance loans.  


Seek Help When Necessary

So many business owners try to take on all the financial management by themselves, but it is extremely challenging when you have other things to worry about within the business. Finding somebody who is trained in bookkeeping, account management, and speaking with tax companies would be an ideal addition to your business. 

There is nothing wrong with hiring an accountant or even a financial manager to take a closer look at everything. They can also check that appropriate amounts of money are spent on the business and that you have completed forms for taxes and insurance correctly. 

It could also be worth expanding your team by finding the right person to represent HR within your business when it seems appropriate. You can end up spending more in the long run if you do not hire a professional to deal with some business accounts. It is therefore worth recruiting people who are more experienced to manage certain aspects of your business. 


Make Sure You Get Paid

Similarly, many business owners tend to forget about their own pay and sacrifice that money on other things, such as purchasing more supplies or equipment. Make sure that you are leaving space in the budget to pay yourself for your work towards the business. 

When you are setting up regular payments for your employees, it is essential that you do the same for yourself. Rewarding yourself for your hard work is not money-grabbing, and you are getting the income that you have deserved.


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On the other hand, it can be challenging to get payments on a regular basis when your business deals with clients. However, it is definitely worth persevering and making sure that they are reminded when a particular payment is due. Making sure you get paid allows your business to make a profit and shows that you are actively involved in the growth of your brand. 

This could be something as simple as catching up with a client and checking that they have received their invoice, or being more strict with payment deadlines. Clients can be a little challenging to negotiate with, but it is worth persevering so that your business is able to grow in the future. 


Emergency Funds

Another way that you can use automated payments to make things run smoother is to set up regular payments toward your business’ emergency funds. Most people multiply the amount of money that they think the business will need to cover expenses for one month by six. This is the estimated amount that can be used during a slow month to keep your business functioning and employees paid. 

Make sure that this amount is replenished once you begin to generate revenue for your business again. Emergency funds can also be used during unforeseen circumstances, or to keep your business afloat when you need to pay for unexpected purchases like equipment repair. 


Record Everything

It may seem a little unnecessary at first, but you should try to keep a record of everything purchased for your business and certain services and supplies that you are paying for. This can be refunded to your personal account if that is what you used at the time. 

In addition, it is essential that you are keeping a record of any client interactions and types of hours that you or another employee are working. This should all be used for company records, communication with accountants, and getting the right information to tax companies. 

In turn, this can make sure that your business is running within the law and is not breaking any policies without your knowledge. This can lead to complications down the line, such as hefty fines, legal complications, expensive refunds, and conflicts with larger companies. 


Set A Budget 

Like managing personal finances, it is worth setting a consistent budget to follow that is realistic for the current income of your business. This includes setting money aside for taxes and eliminating certain personal expenses. 

Use a budget to categorize certain expenses such as venue hire, necessary subscriptions, and utility bills. You can create long-term goals in this way, by setting yourself certain spending limits within each category relevant to your business. This can allow you to optimize your savings and the total amount of profit made each month. 

Setting a budget can also be incredibly helpful if you want to understand where your money is going every month. This is because it requires you to map out everything that you are spending money on, and decide how necessary each item is. 

Then, once you have cut back on certain things, you can try to maximize your profit margin by using certain financial tools. This means speaking with an accountant and even a financial advisor to create more consistent saving habits and increase your current number of clients through effective marketing strategies. 



Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and offer different products and services depending on the category they fall under. Depending on your personal goals and those that are related to your business, it could be worth taking a closer look at your regular expenses to see where you could generate more profit in the future. 

This could be using different marketing strategies to reach your target market or seeking the help of an experienced accountant to manage your business’ finances a little more efficiently.

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