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4 Twin Flame Stages (How to Progress Through Them)

by John Doe
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Trying to understand the stages of the twin flame can be a minefield. No one agrees on what exactly the phases are, so you will see different terms, different sequences, and (all too often) people arguing about what the “real” phases are.

Don’t get bogged down in terminology or order. Most of us agree on some of the main themes of the stages you go through on the journey, but there is no roadmap for a clear A-> Z.

I talk to a lot of people who go their own way and there are some general things to look for and ways to move forward on your path to twin flame union.

Don’t set unfair expectations about your twin brother or your trip. Use this list (or any twin flame stage list for that matter) as a rough guide. It is not a strict rule. The lines may fade and you may skip steps or appear to go backward altogether.

All of this is a perfectly normal part of the twin flame experience. Mirror souls are quite difficult to pin down in exact detail at best.

Stage 1: Oblivious

While twin flames tend to be spiritual, there seems to be an expectation that they are already looking for something.

You may not be aware of twin flames at all and are relatively happy with a “normal” 3D relationship with another person. Might think that this is life and be perfectly happy. May not be aware of the spiritual path you are following.

On some level, you know that you are not complete, but we often ignore this. We push this feeling away and sometimes we don’t realize it at all.

You could be very happy and I mean very happy, but there is often something external that takes you to the next stage.

Stage 2: The Trigger

Maybe you experience an important event in your life or maybe you wake up one morning and something has changed.

A spiritual urge has propelled you forward and it can happen at any stage in your life.

Sometimes you don’t even consciously know what happened, but your world is not the same anymore. Your mindset changes and your eyes open to the possibility of something greater.

This can manifest itself in many different ways, but it will almost always be some form of improvement. You can become more open to spiritual progress or even focus on your physical goals. There will be something you want to change and improve.

Sometimes this phase can be a bit overwhelming (especially for those who have steered clear of spiritual issues before). At a higher level, you know that you are about to reach a crossroads, but this energy is easily mistaken for doubt or frustration about your life’s path.

It can be a difficult phase to go through, but Twin Flames are presented with a very, very slim opportunity.

Stage 3: The Search

After our spiritual awakening trigger, we will start looking for something.

Again, the most spiritually attuned at this stage will know it is a person, but often we just know that something is missing from our lives.

Often times this means the learning experience of a fake twin flame as we try to fill a hole we don’t fully understand with … something (or someone).

It seems like something is missing, but you don’t know what. Like when you are standing in front of the refrigerator but you don’t really know what you want to take out.

Something is out of place and for short periods we could tell ourselves that it is a trip, a career change or some other physical distraction, but the more we try to find the answer, the more we will feel this feeling of searching for something.

No one around you will fully understand it except, perhaps, someone close to you who has been on their spiritual path.

Stage 4: The ‘One’

Once we discover that we are looking for a person … we start looking for our idea of ​​’the one’.

The Twin Flames actually begin this quest the moment they arrive on Earth, but that doesn’t mean they are aware of it.

Hollywood movies even fill us with the idea that we are looking for a soulmate (and you have to understand the difference between twin flames and soulmates).

Twin Flames is looking for something bigger than just “happily ever after.” They have a unique opportunity that few have: the opportunity to meet the other part of their soul. True and perfect love. A deep understanding that goes beyond what soulmates will feel.

At this stage, we often don’t know. Hollywood rom-coms will lead us to people we think will make us happy, but it never seems to feel quite right. Sometimes we go from one relationship to another or stay long term without really feeling it.

Sometimes we can even counter our 999 meaning twin flame at this stage, but we are not ready for this level of connection. The high energy between you is often misunderstood by both sides and you repel each other.

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