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20 Step Social Media Marketing Strategy for Businesses in 2021

by John Doe
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Social media is a digital realm where marketing opportunities are infinite. We should harness the power of social media marketing to reap the numerous benefits it provides, like increased awareness, engagement, leads, retention, traffic, ROI, and more. A social media strategy is a list of everything you want to do and aim to accomplish with social media. It directs your activities and tells you whether you are succeeding or failing.

Here is a 20-step guide for developing an effective social media marketing plan for your company.

1. Set realistic and attainable Goals

If you want to kickstart your social media strategy, you will need objectives, goals, and a strong plan. Taking the time to identify your social goals, whether you want to grow your following or create a more engaged community, is the first step toward achieving them.

2. Research about your target audience

It is critical to understand your target audience and what they want to see on social media. As a result, you will be able to develop content that they like, comment on, and share. Take advantage of social media analytical tools that provide you with information about your audience: such as how they engage with your business, their likes, dislikes, requirements, thought processes, and so on.

3. Select the Right Social Media Platform for Your Audience

Choosing the right social media platform is a crucial element of the marketing plan since each platform has its distinct features. Choose platforms that are compatible with your objectives and those your target audience prefers.

4. Set up your accounts 

Once you have decided on a platform, you will need to set up your social network accounts. Fill up all profile data clearly and include keywords that people could use to find your business. Make sure all of the photos you post are of high quality and use proper colors, logos, and graphic designs.

5. Identify the KPIs that are essential to you.

Data should guide your social media approach. The marketing goals you choose for your company will define which metrics will tell you if you are on track to reach that goal. 

Some metrics to keep an eye on are-

Reach (the number of unique people who read your post)

Clicks (the number of clicks on your content or account); and 

Engagement (the total number of social interactions divided by the number of impressions).

6. Decide on a budget

A marketing budget gives your team the information they need to direct your budget toward projects that will have the most impact on your company. Keeping in mind the targets you defined earlier in your plan- you should compute a return on investment (ROI) from your social media expenditure. 

7. Examine the Competitors

A competitive analysis will assist you in identifying potential opportunities. It helps you to see who your competitors are and what they’re doing. You may modify and alter your plan to optimize effectiveness by learning what works best for them – and, more crucially, what doesn’t.

8. Make a content strategy

The foundation of your social media marketing campaign is Content. To build their brand identity, many companies use the same content formats and personal touches every once in a while. To engage with their audience, brands may produce entertaining videos or GIFs with the help of video editors. Everything from memes to microblogs may help you boost your social media’s retention time, which leads to more exposure and growth.

9. Create engaging social media content

The 80-20 approach is a good general rule of thumb to follow. That is, 80 percent of your articles should be instructive and helpful, while the remaining 20 percent should be devoted to brand promotion. You should make use of your creative flexibility, as eye-catching visuals are easily shared and promote consumer involvement.

10. Create a content calendar

You need a plan to get the most out of your strategy and have the greatest impact. Your calendar also guarantees that your posts are evenly spaced and published at optimal times (if you post at a different time to when your target audience is online, they may never see your content).

 11. Incorporate video content in your strategy

The development of video marketing has presented businesses with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you must take advantage of this fantastic marketing tool to stay competitive. You can make fun and short videos with the help of any video editor in the market. Video content is shared 1200 percent more than text and picture posts combined, making it an ideal target for companies wanting to expand their organic reach.

12. Be consistent

As a critical component of consumer satisfaction, social media marketing ideas must be consistent and regular. Your account’s style, voice, and tone should be consistent because it helps consumers understand what to expect from your feed. 

13. Interact with your audience

Maintaining healthy relationships with your consumers, and keeping them updated about your brand, are essential components of good branding and marketing. You can engage your audience with fun quizzes, polls, competitions, and giveaways that you may run regularly. You should reply to any social media comments and questions about your company to show that customer service is a top concern for you.

14. Humanise your brand

To stay connected with your audiences and maintain a personal touch, you must discover strategies to keep humanizing your brand as much as possible. Using emoticons (that emote on behalf of us) is one method to achieve this.

15. Find Inspiration

While your brand needs to be distinctive, you may still get ideas from other successful businesses. Consumers may also provide social media inspiration; for example, you might ask your followers what they want from you and make sure you deliver on their requests.

16. Follow the latest trends 

Marketing’s main purpose is to keep ahead of the competition. Following the current trends and creating posts around them might help you reach a larger audience, even if they weren’t initially interested in your brand.

17. Promote employee participation in campaigning

Another excellent approach to reach new audiences and broaden your horizons. Allow your staff to participate in your marketing strategy. They may be incredibly beneficial to your brand since not only do they know everything about the business, but a post about an employee can produce up to eight times more interaction than a post about a brand handle.

18. Paid Promotion to widen the reach of your audience

Brands that do not promote on social media risk falling behind in today’s market. You may buy sponsored advertisements on social media networks. They will allow you to demographically target your advertising, ensuring that only your desired target audience sees them.

19. Work with Social media influencers

Influencer marketing is a guaranteed strategy to boost your brand’s social media reach. Social content creators (who have committed and engaged groups of followers on social media) may frequently provide value to businesses in today’s digital environment.

20. Learn from your mistakes and improvise

Making mistakes is an inevitable aspect of everything we do. Identifying and correcting your errors can assist you in keeping your brand grounded and using the best marketing tactics. 


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It takes time to see results, you can start by planning and following the steps mentioned in this article, and over time you will see an improvement in your ROI. A solid social media marketing strategy is an integral part of any business. The method that will further open doors to success is to use unconventional techniques to connect with your audience.

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