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10GBASE-T Copper Cable Technology

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The arrival of 10GBASE-T Technology

10 Gigabit network technology has been developed for many years. It includes a variety of network media and technical protocols. In July 2002, IEEE (International Association of electronic and Electrical Engineers) has officially promulgated the 10 Gigabit optical fiber Ethernet standard based on optical fiber – IEEE802 AE standard, the network protocol includes 10GBASE LX based on single-mode fiber and 10GBASE-SR based on OM3 10 Gigabit multimode fiber, while based on ieee802.2 AK standard coaxial cable 10GBASE-CX4 has also been officially promulgated in March 2004.


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Unfortunately, the effective distance supported by this 10gbasecx4 based on four Infiniband coaxial copper cables is only 15m, and the scope of application is greatly limited. It can only be applied to the interconnection and cascade of network servers or San backbone between IDC and data center cabinets, The application of horizontal information points in floors and long distances can meet the user needs. Therefore, 10GBASE-T actively promoted by IEEE is the direction and focus of the application and development of 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology in copper cable and horizontal working areas in the future, both in terms of application technology and investment saving.


Analysis of 10GBASE-T Technology

10GBASE-T has been used for 100m in 10 Gigabit Ethernet on Category 6 or Category 7 UTP or shielded copper twisted pair. It has been officially established as IEEE 802.3an standard at the routine working meeting organized by IEEE in March 2003. It is expected to be officially promulgated and implemented worldwide in early 2006. At present, CommScope’s SYSTIMAX R & D laboratory and other cabling manufacturers are stepping up cooperation with North American cabling standards organization TIA and IEEE organization to jointly study the effective bandwidth requirements, new technical parameters and new technical indicators, field test standards, performance indicators, the effective bandwidth of cabling and network interface transceiver requirements related to this network protocol; Communication protocol interworking and other technical core requirements of network manufacturers.


The new generation of 10GBASE-T network protocol transmission mode will be defined as the two-way transmission of 2.5Gbps on each pair of cables of superclass 6 or class 7 UTP, and a total of 10G will be transmitted on four pairs of lines. It is expected that the standard will be defined as 55m in the current class 6 system and 100M in the future superclass 6 or class 7 UTP system.

The emergence of 10G Base-T technology will rapidly drive the development of 10 Gigabit network market and application in terms of horizontal subsystem and system interconnection, because in terms of price, 10GBASE-T will reduce the cost of 10 Gigabit network by nearly 10 times and 4 times compared with the current single-mode fiber 10GBASE FL and OM3 multimode 10 Gigabit fiber 10GBASE-SR networks respectively, Up to $3000 or even $2000 per port. OM3 Gigabit Ethernet will continue to be used in the field of backbone and multi-mode fiber, especially in the field of reliability.

Future of 10GBASE-T

With the popularization and application of the Internet and enterprise intranet in the world, more and more enterprise and professional networks need to establish their own information storage center and data IDC center. It is a centralized place for the interconnection and cascade exchange of core equipment such as multi-level large and medium-sized information servers, network storage San center, billing and clearing center, call center, and network management center,

Therefore, this kind of central function has its particularity and importance. Since it is necessary to establish a structured cabling system for the data center with high bandwidth, high security, high reliability, high flexibility, and high efficiency, IDC and future high-end enterprise users will be the first batch of potential users for the installation and use of 10 Gigabit copper cable technology, It is expected that the first Giga speed xl9 users in the world and China that support 10GBASE-T ultra category 6 or category 7 UTP will be produced in 2004. QSFPTEK provides high-reliable 10GBASE-T SFP+ modules at a low price.

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